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.app domain names Archives – Domain Name Wire

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.app domain names Archives  Domain Name Wire The namespace still has 380,000 domains. Image depicting a drop in registered .app domains on the one year anniversary of . .App registrations fell…

A recession is coming – Domain Name Wire

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A recession is coming  Domain Name Wire A recession will eventually come. What will you do when it hits? Signpost that reads “Welcome to Recession Next Exit”. I have an iron-clad…

podcast guest Archives – Domain Name Wire

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podcast guest Archives  Domain Name Wire A step-by-step walkthrough of how to leverage podcast guest appearances to grow your audience. dnw-podcast Want to grow your audience and business? “domain name” –…

Facebook Libra Archives – Domain Name Wire

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Facebook Libra Archives  Domain Name Wire Site was used in phishing scheme. Picture of mobile phone with Facebook Libra cryptocurrency logo and representations of bitcoin. Facebook has successfully … “domain name”…

Whois API Archives – Domain Name Wire

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Whois API Archives  Domain Name Wire Whois data seller quickly folds after facing lawsuit. Logo for Whois XML API Domain Name Commission (DNC), which manages New Zealand’s .NZ namespace … “domain…

icann base agreement Archives – Domain Name Wire

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icann base agreement Archives  Domain Name Wire ICANN responds to (some) questions about why it decided to remove price controls. Meme “All your base are belong to us” but with “All…

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