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InMotion Review

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InMotion Web Hosting Review Summary

As one of the top rated hosting services on the market for more than a decade, InMotion Hosting is a well-established powerhouse with all the plans, features, and customer support you expect from your web hosting provider.

InMotion Hosting boasts an incredible rating thanks to their extensive list of plans, their stellar catalog of helpful features, and their customer service team that fielded more than 25,000 complaints in 2018. You’ll be able to get started fast with their easy-to-use or scale a growing business with their enterprise level options.

Take a look below at the pricing options for each of their specific plans, as well as a few brief explanations of the specific features included with each, and you’ll be on your way to a better understanding of your web hosting options.

Which InMotion Hosting Plan Is Best?

Like most providers, InMotion Hosting offers four types of hosting across a wide range of plans that serve a number of different functions. Whether you’re a small company looking for a basic option or a huge corporation in need of scalable, enterprise-level solution, InMotion is equipped to manage all your needs. In fact, they have more options than most providers, so you’ll truly be able to tailor it to your needs.

Before making a decision though, you need to understand how these four plans differ. Shared hosting is the more affordable option, in which your site will share a physical server with other companies. VPS hosting is similar, in that you share a server, but you are given your own “area,” so you won’t be affected by other site usage. Dedicated hosting provides you with your own server, but often runs you a bit more on price. WordPress hosting is pretty straightforward; it’s hosting designed for WordPress specifically, giving you access to templates and other blogging features.

For a more comprehensive understanding, just follow this basic explanation, and you’ll have all the information you need to get your web hosting provider squared away.

  • Shared Hosting – better for smaller businesses with little website interface needs, most affordable
  • VPS Hosting – good for growing businesses with popular websites, middle ground price
  • Dedicated Hosting – perfect for big companies operating in-depth websites
  • WordPress Hosting – best simple solution for companies of all sizes looking to get up and running fast

InMotion Hosting Costs

Beyond the types of hosting options available, InMotion Hosting offers the widest range of different plans on the market. From the basic, affordable plan at $7.99 to the ultra heavy duty, enterprise-level plan at $589.99, there are a lot of factors to consider before you make your choice.

Luckily for you, we’re offered some helpful discounts that can get you a lowered price for some of these plans. Just take a look at this simple breakdown of each plan’s specific costs and make sure you don’t miss out on the deals section at the bottom.

Shared HostingVPS HostingCloud HostingDedicated HostingWordPress Hosting
Plan 1$7.99$39.99$34.99$189.99$8.99
Plan 2$9.99$79.99$74.99$219.99$12.99
Plan 3$15.99$144.99$144.99$299.99$16.99
Plan 4$419.99$36.99
Plan 5$489.99$74.99
Plan 6$589.99$142.99
DiscountsSee DealsSee DealsSee DealsSee DealsSee Deals

InMotion Shared Hosting

If you’re looking for a simple, affordable solution that will get your website up fast and easy, a shared hosting plan is the best fit. InMotion Hosting provides all the features you’ll need to build your online presence without breaking the bank. From the unlimited emails accounts and storage to the free domains across all three plans, you’ll be able to check off all the basics required of launching a website.

Despite being the cheapest option, you’ll still have access to all of InMotion’s customer support features, like 24/7 live chat, helpful knowledge center, and the impressive up time performance you’d expect from the best web hosting provider out there.

Free Domain
Email AccountsUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Dedicated IP AddressXXX
Allowed Domains/Websites26Unlimited
Allowed Sub-Domains25100Unlimited
Included SSL Certificate
Knowledge Center
24/7 Live Chat
24/7 Phone
Up Time Performance99.9799.9799.97
DiscountsSee DealsSee DealsSee Deals

InMotion VPS Hosting

If you’ve got a bit more room in your budget for a middle-tier plan, VPS hosting with InMotion might be your best move. While you’ll still be sharing a server, having your own area will guarantee you aren’t burdened by outages or lagging when someone else is using all your bandwidth.

Perfect for mid-sized businesses with scaling aspirations, InMotion VPS hosting is designed to help agencies and business owners get a rock solid website online without any hassle. They even offer free server management, updates, and patching with each plan.

Check out the price range and features for each of the three available plans:

Free Domain
Email AccountsUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Dedicated IP Address345
Allowed Domains/WebsitesUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Included SSL Certificate
Bandwidth4 TB5 TB6 TB
Storage75 GB150 GB260 GB
Knowledge Center
24/7 Live Chat
24/7 Phone
Up Time Performance99.9799.9799.97
DiscountsSee DealsSee DealsSee Deals

InMotion Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated hosting is specifically designed for large companies running complicated websites with high stakes. If you’re opting for this notably expensive option, you’ll likely require lots of storage, plenty of bandwidth, and a low chance of any loss of connectivity.

When it comes to the variety of plans available for use, InMotion provides the most for dedicated hosting. With six available options range in price from $189.99 to $599.99, there’s a lot to consider as far as features are concerned. Take an in-depth look at the difference between the plans below to help inform your decision.

Free Domain
Email AccountsUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Dedicated IP Address51015151515
Allowed Domains/Websites111111
Included SSL Certificate
Bandwidth6 TB10 TB10 TB15 TB15 TB15 TB
Dedicated RAM4 GB8 GB16 GB16 GB32 GB64 GB
Storage500GB SSD or
1TB 7.2K HDD
500GB SSD or
1TB 7.2K HDD
2x 500GB SSD or
2x 2TB 7.2K HD
2x 500GB SSD2x 1TB SSD3x 1TB SSD
Knowledge Center
24/7 Live Chat
24/7 Phone
Up Time Performance99.9799.9799.9799.9799.9799.97
DiscountsSee DealsSee DealsSee DealsSee DealsSee DealsSee Deals

InMotion WordPress Hosting

For a simple, all-in-one package that combined shared hosting with a simple web design software, WordPress hosting with InMotion is the way to go. These basic plans are perfect for users without a lot of web design experience and that want to get a website up fast.

InMotion provides six options, ranging in price from $8.99 to $142.99, with a differing features and capacities. Each of the six tiers includes:

  • Free domain for one year
  • WordPress install and updates
  • Unlimited bandwidth and email accounts
  • 1-6 websites, depending on plan
  • All the customer support benefits of other plans
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